We released a new CD Jarní (Vernal) at the label Amplion.


Video from the Czech center in Paris:


We thank the Czech center in Wien for support our upcoming tour.


Our second CD "Light Year" was recently awarded as being the best Czech jazz recording of 2012! 

"Nadace Život Umělce" financially supported our spring tour. We are very grateful!


Our second CD “Light Year” came out in October

2012 at the Czech label Animal Music.

We celebrated it with the concert in Prague club

Jazz Dock. We would like to thank all people

that supported us - Karel Růžička, Petru Ostrouch,

Filip Jelínek, and many other.

Short sample of the song “Light Year” composed

by Štěpánka Balcarová.

The festival Jazz Bez Hranic supported

our second CD release. They invited us to play

a concert in Pilsen.

The band is working on a new repertoire you will be able to hear during the concert tour in April 2012.

We will be honored to perform with the famous Czech guitarist David Dorůžka and record a CD with him. (



Lubomír Dorůžka, iDnes

“It is not typical post-bop, neither an orthodox reference to ECM or peculiar northen melancholia: it seems that we can still expect something new on today´s jazz scene.“